Dear Colleagues, Partners, and Participants,

We extend a warm welcome on behalf of the members of the steering committee, the organizing committee, and the scientific committee to the 4th edition of the International Citizen Education Forum. This significant event will be held in Sousse, Tunisia, from the 19th to the 21st of April 2024, focusing on the theme, “The challenges of teacher training and their professional integration: comparative approaches.

The chosen topic holds immense importance for the future of individuals, communities, states, and nations, impacting various stakeholders such as educators, academia, governments, and civil society.

It highlights the pressing concerns and apprehensions related to the current state of education, learning, and learners, prompting us to reevaluate the purpose and effectiveness of educational systems worldwide. The policies and strategies implemented thus far have not fully realized their potential in many countries, necessitating a comprehensive reexamination of training quality, curriculum relevance, educational success, and social integration. These issues call for the establishment of structured systems, adequate support services, and a continuum of assistance from preschool to university level. Additionally, the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis has further emphasized the need for embracing new knowledge and adapting to evolving socio-economic, political, and environmental dynamics in education. It is undeniable that convening the International Citizen Forum for Education in Tunisia and fostering collaboration between academia, businesses, and communities, plays a central role in promoting constructive dialogues, sharing experiences, and proposing solutions. By bringing together international and national experts, decision-makers, education stakeholders, and civil society actors, this forum offers a valuable opportunity for in-depth reflection on the state of education, exploration of effective strategies, and identification of actionable measures. The forum acts as a vital platform for facilitating interactions between researchers and education practitioners, enabling them to address questions, realities, and expectations faced by individuals in the field, including administrators, teachers, professionals, socio-economic actors, and citizens. Furthermore, it serves to disseminate research findings and experimental results, fostering meaningful exchanges between the scientific community and civil society.

The Scientific Committee expresses its gratitude for your valuable contributions in terms of academic insights and civic engagement. The active involvement of each participant is highly appreciated, as it will enrich the forum’s discussions and outcomes.

The members of the steering committee, organizing committee, institutional representatives, and all participants eagerly await your presence at this esteemed gathering. Your participation in the 4th edition of the International Citizen Education Forum is essential, and we wholeheartedly welcome you to this enriching event.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.