After the first International Citizen for Education Forum held in 2017 at the Faculty of Medicine of Sfax focused on pedagogy at the university, the second edition, which took place in Hammamet in 2019, was centered on governance and the quality of education systems and a third edition in November 2022 in Hammamet that dealt with the learner at the heart of the education and university system, this fourth forum will focus on the challenges of teacher training and their professional integration: comparative approaches.

In this fourth edition of the forum, university pedagogy will rightly be considered a laboratory of training systems and educational intervention at all levels of education. It will more specifically target teachers who promote the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills and attitudes of learners at all levels of education. Judicious questioning will make it possible to analyze their training and the adequacy of their preparation not only for the profession but for the pivotal role that they and they must play within the framework of the structures, regulations, and spaces of pedagogical intervention. This forum will provide the opportunity to put at the heart of the work and discussion dimensions relating to the initial and continuing training of teachers from preschool to university, innovative teaching practices, the conditions for exercising the professions of teaching and financial management, and teacher training and recruitment policy.

This event is made up of three parts: a scientific part/colloquium, a citizen part, and a part of educational training workshops linked to the axes of the forum, making it possible to bring together at the same time and in the same spaces, researchers, experts, institutional decision-makers, teachers, trainers, political decision-makers, economic actors, civil society actors, and citizens.

This forum also has objectives that are priorities for our association, the teaching profession, and the public universities involved in this forum since 2017, and which will benefit the entire scientific and university community in Tunisia.

These gathering attempts to achieve these three main goals:

– open avenues for reflection that will anchor a sustained dialogue between university researchers / State / civil society and will lead to concrete proposals for transformative actions.

-Develop an international network of cooperation and partnership by bringing together researchers from different countries to promote the sharing of expertise and the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of studies on pedagogy, training, school governance and academics, employability, learner success, and the teaching profession.

– stimulate the emergence of forums for exchange between research and practice in education to remedy the shortcomings of transfers between researchers, practitioners, and civil society actors.

We are thrilled to meet you by the 4th edition and share the fruit of our research and deep reflections.

The steering committee

We are glad to share our absolute values: Sharing, collaboration, teamwork, responsibility, and commitment.

Enjoy the fourth edition of the International Citizen Forum for Education!

For a relevant and fruitful experience!

Under the aegis of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique #2

Organizers & partners



Forum tunisien pour l’éducation #2
Association ARDHI #2

Academic institutions

Université de Tunis El Manar #2
Université de Sousse #2
ENIS école nationale des ingénieurs de Sfax #2
ENET’Com sfax #2
faculté de medecine de Sousse Eng
Institut préparatoire des ingénieurs de Tunis El Manar #2

Privileged Partners

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Faculty of Sciences of Sfax
Faculté des lettres de sousse #2
Université du Québec à Rimouski #2
Association IEEE filiale Tunisie #2
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The founding members

The founding members of this forum and the Tunisian Forum for Education association / FTE :

  • Imane Jarboui (Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences of Sousse / University of Sousse –Tunisia)
  • Makrma  Hamouda (Faculty of Sciences of Tunis-mathematics department/Tunis El Manar University)
  • Houssine Dridi (University of Quebec in Montreal)
  • Brahim Jrad (Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences of Sousse / University of Sousse –Tunisia)

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