Based on this argument and within the framework of any one of the tracks, contributions from local,national, and international pragmatic experiences are sought, as well as contributions from research work.
Submitted proposals can take different forms:

Individual communications

These are formal presentations on an original scientific contribution (i.e., based on a scientific approach and analysis of data of all kinds). These communications will be presented by one or more authors within thirty (30) minutes, including twenty (20) minutes devoted to the presentation and ten (10) minutes to the discussion after each presentation, gathered downstream of each session.


Posters are intended for face-to-face discussions. This communication format is particularly relevant for presenting visual information (tables, graphs, diagrams, etc.). Each poster session (bringing together different participants) can last between thirty (30) minutes and one hour (1h00). Presenters must be present to discuss their contributions for the full duration.

Round tables

Panel discussions are intended to stimulate conversations and engage in in-depth discussions between presenters and participants in the room. Two (2) or three (3) presenters are assigned to a round table. In general, each presenter has a period of fifteen (15) minutes for his main presentation. The mediator provides an overview of the whole debate and the participants in the room can intervene with questions or suggestions.


Symposia can take place during the forum to promote the sharing or publication of works resulting from the meeting of several researchers working on specific issues in the field of training and the teaching profession.
Note that a symposium cannot include more than 50% of papers whose first author is a student. In addition, the main organizer of a symposium cannot be a student.
You must submit your symposium proposal using the form provided for this purpose.