Track description

The main purpose of the teacher is to help the learner to learn and to continue his development. The knowledge from the sciences of education constitutes a repertoire that he can consult so that his teaching is beneficial for all learners. Moreover, anchoring the practices in experiential knowledge allows it to stay abreast of the socio-cultural realities that characterize the daily lives of learners. How can scholarly knowledge promote teaching work? How can the teacher’s experiential knowledge improve the meaning and scope of theoretical knowledge? What articulation of knowledge supports the professionalization of teaching? What teaching approaches, strategies and methods can foster learning experiences in the learner? Which ones can support the empowerment and development of the critical thinking of the citizen of tomorrow?

This axis opens up the possibility of proposing avenues leading to teaching which, taking into account the intertwining of knowledge resulting from research and experiential knowledge, is truly oriented towards the achievement of the aims of the schooling.

Track themes

• The foundations of teaching practices;

• Pedagogical practices adapted to socio-cultural particularities;

• The intertwining of knowledge from research and experiential knowledge;

• Learner development at the heart of the teaching action.