Track description

The transformations that upset society are also those that affect the school and its actors. In the foreground, teachers are concerned. The conditions of exercise of the teaching profession are affected, being, in particular, dependent on the composition of the class groups and the diversified needs of the learners. The teaching profession suffers from a lack of recognition of expertise and a lack of respect for autonomy at work. Increased accountability for learner success and lack of resources to meet expectations can lead to burnout and leaving the profession. Changes in society also have an impact on the working conditions of all teaching professionals. How to counter the devaluation of the teaching profession? What training methods can improve professional integration? How can initial and continuing training consider the conditions of the practice of the teaching profession? What conditions of the practice of the profession promote professional development and professionalization? What tools, methods, and strategies would improve the attractiveness of education professions and encourage new professionals to maintain their career choice in education?

This axis aims to encourage exchanges on diversified proposals that will draw on inter-disciplinarity. It will integrate questions and reflections on the interdependent dimensions of the teaching profession and the conditions of practice likely to support the passion for teaching.

Track themes

• Social recognition of the teacher;

• Working conditions in teaching;

• Initial training about the conditions of the practice of the profession;

• Professional integration and adaptation to contexts;

• Professional development through continuing education.