Terms of stay and registration for the scientific seminar (Speakers/Non-Speaker Participants)  Register promptly; make the most of the unique atmosphere of the International Citizen Education Forum at the Médina Conférence & Expo Center (Yasmine Hammamet), and most importantly, boost exchange and networking opportunities!
Book your accommodation and choose the formula that suits you best. The prices listed below take into account all-inclusive soft accommodation in single and double rooms.
Deadline for confirmation of speaker attendance: 15 July 2022.


165,00 $US / 207.36 CAD

Registration fee
An educational kit (binder,notepad, pen,documentation)
Access to scientific and civic activities
Coffee Breaks
Contribution certificate
* Additional accommodation (see Stay)
*Supplément hébergement (voir Séjour)


All Inclusive Soft :

All Inclusive Soft: (accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, unlimited soft drinks, )

$70 / €65 / $87.91 CAD per person / One night in single room
US$125 / US$116 / CAD 157 / One night in a double room ————
*For other accommodation options, please contact the organizing committee     forum.education.tunis@gmail.com 


Miscellaneous expenses US$70.00 / €65 / CAD$88 Transportation costs between Tunis-Carthage Airport and Hotel Solaria Hammamet (round trip for a distance of 75 km x 2) (€30 per trip)
$47.00 / €44 / $59 CAD Gala Dinner
40 € excursion (sightseeing tour) / subject to a minimum guarantee of 20 people/ Payment on site
*Please complete the addition form and check off your choice.*Veuillez remplir le formulaire des suppléments et cocher votre choix.

  (*1 ) : To be noted:

It is mandatory for at least one of the authors of a communication to register for the seminar and to pay the registration fees by July 15, 2022 otherwise the communication will be cancelled.

Registration fees are valid regardless of the modalities of participation in the seminar (in-person and/or online).
For communicators, registration for the seminar and the payment of the fees are essential to ensure that communications are part of the program.

 (*2) :To be noted: 

Please note that there is no daily and/or activity rate. Payment of the Forum registration fee is required in order to access the activities of the International Scientific Seminar for three days.
The Forum is considered to be a training activity. Registration for the international scientific seminar entitles you to a certificate of communication and a certificate of participation signed by the University Tunis El Manar, the University of Sousse and the University of Monastir. This certificate will be issued by the organizing committee by the end of the event.

(*3) : Modalités de paiement

Explanatory approach regarding the payment of registration fees and accommodation costs.
You will find below, detailed explanations on the procedure of registration fees payment along with other costs related to accommodation and individual transfer from Tunis Carthage Airport to Hammamet/Hotel Solaria. Several payment options are available: via secure online payment/ via bank transfer.

Online payment:(click here)

For single room:   https://buy.stripe.com/7sI8wQbg87gW1na28n
For double room:  https://buy.stripe.com/4gw00k1Fy1WC4zmaES

Payment by bank transfer:

You send your registration form (form to be completed online: by clicking on the button to register, at the bottom of each registration form) having taken care of filling in all the sections). Specify that you want to pay by bank transfer. In this case, an invoice from the Forum (i.e. a cost estimate) will be sent to you in return. The bank details of the Ardhi association is posted on the website. With these documents, you can make your transfer. Do not forget to include your name and invoice reference number with this transfer.
We cannot bear any bank charges related to this transfer, please pay them in advance or add them to your payment (having inquired about the amount of these charges with your bank).

–Bank: BIAT- Banque internationale Arabe de Tunisie-Agence Sakiet EZZIT (48) Route Tunis km6,5 av Hedi Cha Sfax- Tunisie

National bank account identifier of the Ardhi association: 08 (bank code) 709 (agency code) 0004820073067 (Account number) 96 (key)
International bank account identifier – IBAN: TN59 0870 9000 4820 030 6 96
Tax Identification Number: 1754361 / X

Specify in the description of the bank transfer: your last name, your first name and the beneficiary. The transfer voucher will be attached to your confirmation email..









Registration confirmation:

Registration is only taken into account after the payment of the corresponding fees. Upon reception of your payment and that of the form, we will send you a registration confirmation email and an invoice paid by email or at the time of the seminar upon presentation of a payment voucher established by your bank.
In the case of not receiving full payment, by the beginning of the seminar, the participant will have to pay the remaining sums due upon their arrival.

Terms of cancelation:

Substitution by another person is admitted without penalty if the forum team has been informed in writing before the seminar.
All cancellations must be made in writing at forumeducation.tunis@gmail.com Before 15/09/2022, 80% refund – between 15/09/2019 and 05/10/2019, 50% refund – after 05/10/2022, no refund.