Attitudes of doctor-researchers towards the integration of new pedagogical approaches in student training.

Introduction: Adapting teaching methods to meet the evolving needs of students is essential. This study aimed to describe teachers' attitudes regarding the integration of new teaching approaches in their teaching of students. Materials and methods: An online questionnaire was administered to a sample of 164 doctor-researchers teaching at university establishments in Sousse, coming from various disciplines. Data collection was carried out in January-February 2022. Data entry and analysis were carried out with SPSS 20 software. Results: Results revealed that 84.1% of teachers were open to adopting new teaching approaches, highlighting their belief in improving student engagement (n=114) and quality of teaching. learning (n=129). However, 56.7% identified lack of resources and 53.6% identified lack of institutional support as major obstacles to their implementation. Conclusion: These results highlight the need for institutional awareness and increased support to facilitate the adoption and integration of new teaching approaches, thereby improving the quality of teaching and delivery and learning.